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What’s Going On

As well as Great Cocktails…

We host regular events. Below are the information on our current Greatest Hits Menu, masterclasses, and our Sunday Fundays.

If you’re looking for private hire, click for our Events Brochure.

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Email Marie or call on 020 7739 4781 between 12pm – 6pm Monday – Friday to reserve a table or enquire about an event


Callooh Callay Mixtape

Surprise. Last week we launched a new menu – the Callooh Callay Mixtape. If you’re thinking ‘but you’ve done a cassette already’ – well done you for paying attention, 10/10. The Callooh Callay Mixtape will be available for a few weeks as our next Big, Massive, World Changing menu is being assembled in the US of A and is gonna take a little while longer to reach us. As always, it’s a never-before-seen concept and it’s worth the wait, we promise.

In the meantime, we have 12 brand spanking new delicious drinks available in a pretty cool format so come get ‘em whilst they’re nice n cold.

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