Master classes


If you’ve ever sat at our bar and wondered how our drinks are created, you’re in luck!


We’re opening up our wardrobe of secrets to show you how our award winning cocktails are made and how you can replicate the drinks at home with your own ideas!


We use a number of different methods to come up with the cocktails here at Callooh. We’ll show you how to twist classics with house hold ingredients, how to compliment or contrast your favourite spirits and some examples of how you can take inspiration from anywhere to create your own concoctions.


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The Jabberwocky cocktail class

You will receive a cocktail on arrival whilst you meet your bartender. They’ll then walk you through a further three cocktails made in the various techniques we use to create our world renowned classics. During the class your bartender will explain tips, tricks, history and spirit knowledge ensuring you know your stuff at the next mixer!


Here's how it works...


Arrival Punch

We’ll welcome you to the class by introducing you to one of the oldest ways of concocting a drink. The Punch follows a basic rhyme to show you the first technique of creating drinks.



Twisting a Classic

The second technique of creating a cocktail menu is the twist on an already popular classic. Your bartender will explain how to make a few tweaks in order to create a unique drink of your own.



Star of the show

This technique takes a specific spirit and highlights its tasting notes by adding ingredients around your base spirit of choice that will accentuate its flavour profile or contrast it, building a spirit celebration cocktail.



Everyday Inspiration

This technique is slightly advanced but the best way of truly creating an original and unique taste. Taking inspiration from anywhere we’ll show you how you can turn a flavour, vision or experience into a delicious cocktail that reminds you of that moment again and again.

Jabberwocky Cocktail class £50

Hungry Jabberwocky cocktail class £65