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Discover the Daiquiri                                    Jubjub                                                    19 July

We're celebrating Daiquiri Day by taking the world renowned drink back to its roots. Here's a little history lesson...

The Daiquiri was originally created by an English gentleman named Jennings Cox in 1896 however it was dramatically improved by Facundo Bacardi to create what we now know as the Classic Daiquiri. The Head Bartender of La Florida bar in Cuba, Constantino Ribalaigua Vert, loved the Daiquiri so much he decided to play with it creating some of the variations we know today and making the drink one of the most famous cocktails in the world.

Choose which crazy Cuban classic you'd like to try.

My Next Guest Bartender                                Georgi Radev                                       29 July

Richard is sitting down with Tiki legend Georgi Radev next Sunday 29th July to discuss the bartenders dream of opening your own bar. They'll discuss rum, cocktails, world travel & the do's and don'ts of the transition from bartender to bar owner.

My Next Guest Bartender is filmed in front of a live audience in the back lounge of Callooh Callay. To be a part of our exclusive audience email Freyja below and reserve a space.