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Disco Monkey month The Jubjub January

For January in the Jubjub we have partnered with Monkey Shoulder to deliver something a little different to what we may be known for.

We’re celebrating the disco era. there will be hospitality industry events, arcade games, tastings and a drinks list by bartender Nazareth Rodriguez.

A cheeky start to the year with great drinks and a great whisky!

Bar.ography The Jubjub 20 January

Let’s eat pizza, drink old fashioned’s and talk about delicious pictures!!

Do you want your cocktail to become your next BEST seller?

Do you want to catch the judges attention in that next cocktail COMPETITION? 

Do you want to be approached by your favourite bar for that DREAM job? 

Join us on Sunday 20th at 5pm as we explore HOW TO take better photos, how to stand out from the crowd and how to get your content noticed.

Monkey Shoulder Scotch Whisky tasting The Jubjub 23 January

Callooh Callay & Monkey Shoulder kick off the Scotch Whisky Weekend with an old school disco worthy of Robert Burns himself!

The night starts up in JubJub where guests will be invited to make Disco Drinks with Monkey Shoulder Brand Ambassador, John Wayte. Now forget about your traditional Whisky Tasting, spending hours studying the colour of the liquid and debating whether it is better with 2 or 3 drops of water. Here you’ll have the chance to make everything from Monkey Shoulder’s Lazy Old Fashioned through to the notorious Monkey Colada, learning how to give them that disco twist when you’re next making them at home!

Following this Callooh will be mixing great disco tunes with delicious Monkey Shoulder disco drinks. Be ready to throw shapes like the pied piper of funk, Rick James and get your freak on as we party into the night like it’s 1999.  

Scotch Whisky Weekend Super Freak Drink Up London Monkey Shoulder

Scotch Whisky Weekend with Monkey Shoulder + Drink Up LDN 23 - 27 January

Scotch Whisky Weekend is one of DrinkUp.London’s new ‘Mini Festivals’ hosted in partnership with Scotchwhisky.com. Taking place over five days + coinciding with the most Scottish of celebrations – Burns Night – the festival aims to get Scotch whisky in the hands of the people at the best bars in London.

Callooh Callay are joining the Scotch Whisky Weekend this year with Nazareth Rodriguez’ very own ‘Super Freak’ cocktail Served in a mini disco ball, this sour style cocktail is a delicious combination of Monkey Shoulder Scotch whisky, Smokey Monkey, pear liqueur, cardamom bitters, + fresh pear juice.

Scotch Whisky weekend finale party The Jubjub 27 January

Too much of anything is bad, but too much disco is barely enough.

Sunday night sees Monkey Shoulder return to close out the Scotch Whisky Weekend – with the ultimate Disco Inferno at Callooh Callay!

This time mixing it up with guest bartenders from across the UK to add that extra bit of funk. On the bar you’ll find three of The Bar Monkeys featuring UBC Global Champion Nick Gordon, flying in from Orchid in Aberdeen, Sam Baxendale down from Kin in Edinburgh and Tom Sutton bringing the heat across from HMSS in Bristol.

If that wasn’t enough mixing it from behind the decks we have Disco Drinks himself, Joe Petch, Global Monkey Shoulder Brand Ambassador.