what's going on?

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Keep up to date with all things Callooh. Below you will find details of upcoming events and specials happening at 65 Rivington Street.

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Chef special this week

We are all kinds of excited for this! Our incredible new chef @laurenwcapulet is kicking off her new weekly specials with chicken wings in a delicious homemade buffalo sauce served with a blue cheese Mayo, smoked paprika & coriander cress. They're available all weekend



our vision has always been to create a menu that is entirely... delicious. one so complex the drink itself disappears into the experience. and so intelligent it can respond to your tastebuds, your smell and even a glance. with ibevs that vision is now a reality. say hello to the future.


Upstairs @ Callooh callay

after a year of bringing you non stop rock, emotion menus, slash covered wall art & a few crazier than average takeovers The palace of humbug has come to an end. our bar manager liam has tasked the team with some mini pop ups of their own for the last weekends of the year. an exciting new concept will be launched 2018. check out 'upstairs at callooh" for more details and keep up to date through our social media platforms.


New Years eve 2017

the callooh callay team welcome you to join us on new years eve and see in 2018 with a cheer! you know we throw quite the party and we're doing it again for the end of 2017. tickets from £125 per person for an unlimited drinks and canapé package. we're not the biggest venue so don't miss out! register your interest now...